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Meet The Heartland Fairies

Heartland Fairies (6).jpg
Queen Odonata the Dragonfly Fairy

Odonata the Dragonfly Fairy former messenger to Queen Avalon. She now has been tasked to be the Queen of the Enchanted Fairy Trails. Odonata is a changeling who was once human, so this makes her the perfect fairy to establish and maintain the Enchanted Fairy Trails mortal relations. While she is Unseelie her former human side is drawn to the mortal world and loves to spend time sharing fairy games with humans.

The Heartland Fairies performing troop of fairies

want to come to your event!

What will the Fairies do at your event?

Fairy meet & greets, fairy storytimes, photo booths, birthdays/special occasions, face painting, fairy/maypole dance demonstrations & lessons, crafts, and fairy house/garden builds, environmental and recycle fairy activates, fairy games, tea parties, photo-shoots and more.

Fairy Visits start at $50 hr. with additional $10 per fairy. Additional fees for craft activities can vary. Please fill out this form for a quote. Jot form

* Proceeds support the trail.

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