Virtual Festival

We are so sorry you could not come to see us in person.

We did not want you to miss out so the fairies made this virtual festival just for you!

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Click on the interactive map to visit our wonderful vendors and nonprofit organizations that help to make this festival possible. Follow the menu link to the Virtual Stage for exclusive content from our performers and visit the Heartland Fairies' Glade for fairy games and activities. 

Booth #  Street name  Business Name

1             Mushroom Lane              CM Abstract Designs

2             Mushroom Lane              Pogue's Run

3             Mushroom Lane              Dark Pony Art

4             Mushroom Lane              Dryad Designs

5             Mushroom Lane              Sewn by Jenn

6             Mermaid Lagoon             Enchant Me Craft by Ana

7             Mermaid Lagoon             Fabri-K-Tions

8             Harmony Row                 Holm Made Crafts

9             Harmony Row                 LLSF Leather Goods

10           Harmony Row                 Haires Magical Wears

11           Harmony Row                 Handbags by Cindy

12           Harmony Row                 Vagabond Tabby

13           Food Truck Row              Simply Elegant Cuisine & Pastry

13.5       Food Truck Row               Nomad Yarns

14           Food Truck Row              JoHenna Design

15           Food Truck Row              Heartland Sparkle Fairy Hair

16           Flutterby  Way                 The Soap Gypsy

17           Flutterby  Way                 Lovable Perfume Shop

18           Flutterby Way                  Playthink

19           Flutterby Way                  Magpie, The Art of Melissa Noseworthy

20           Warriors way                   Wired Whymsy

21           Warriors way                   Hidden Falls Bowtique
22           Warriors way                   Mimi & Mandy June’s Homespun Fun
23           Warriors way                   
24           Pirate's Path                   M. Katherine Clark

25           Pirate's Path                      Naturally Lovely

26           Pirate's Path                      One of A Chime

27           Pirate's Path                      Pens by Robert

28           Pirate's Path                      Press Puzzles

29           Fairy Glade Ln                   Line By Lion

30           Fairy Glade Ln                   Fairytale Dreams

31           Fairy Village Path             Double Take Productions, LLC

32           Fairy Village Path             Sassy Things and Bling

33           Fairy Village Path             The Faery Trove

34           Fairy Village Path              

35           Fairy Village Path             That’s Sew Martha

36           Fuzzy Critter Path            Three Furies Alpaca Farm

37           Fairy Village Path             Terrari and the Fairy

38           Fairy Village Path             LouLou BOWtique

39           Fairy Village Path             Mimi Bears Remakes

40           Fairy Village Path             Two Sisters Crochet

41           Norsey Woods Way         Creative Energy Arts

42           Norsey Woods Way         Wicked Treasure

43           Norsey Woods Way         Make it a Marvelous Day

44           Norsey Woods Way         Candles by Jenni

45           Mushroom Lane               Renaissance Bronze

46           Mushroom Lane               Under the Mushroom

47           Mushroom Lane               The Crescent Moon

48           Fuzzy Critter Path            Garden Sparkles

49           Fuzzy Critter Path            Rich's Stitches

50           Fuzzy Critter Path            Lady Sophie’s

51           Fuzzy Critter Path            

Booth #  Street name  Business Name

Butterfly Igloo   Flutterby way        Washington twp

City Ranch         Flutterby Way       City Ranch

DVH Arena         DVH Arena           Ken's Balloons

DVH Arena         DVH Arena           Mounted Misfits

HW                     Warriors way       Helaman's Warriors

Mermaids           Mermaid Lagoon  ACA a characteristic attitude

Labyrinth           DVH Arena           Paxworks : the Labyrinth Shop

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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