Festival Sponsorship Levels 

Unicorn Level Sponsor $3,500

  • Premium Logo inclusion on the

      website sponsor page & banner

  • Named mention in all marketing

  • 20  2 day Event Passes 

  • Stage Sponsor w/ solo banner

  • 4'w x 2'h Banner at Gate

  • Guinness World Record Fairy primary sponsor!*

Elf Level Sponsor  $1,500

  • Logo inclusion on the website sponsor banner

  • 16  2 day Event Passes

  • 4'w x 2'h Banner at Gate 

  • Stage Sponsor shared logo banner

  • Guinness World Record Fairy Team sponsor!*

Siren Level Sponsor $750

  • Logo inclusion on the website sponsor banner

  • Sponsor Flag at Gate

  • 8  2 day Event Passes and Fairy tea seating

Brownie Level Sponsor $350

  • Company name listed on the website

  • Sponsor Flag at Gate

  • 4 single Event Passes and Fairy tea seating

Sprite Level Sponsor$150

  • Company name listed on the website

  • Name listed in free event program

  • 2 Festival and Ball passes

  • 2 Fairy Record kits

Let's Break The "Largest Gathering of Fairies" Record!
This year at we are going to make an attempt to break the world record of the largest gathering of fairies!!

Want to be part of the record?

​To beat the record we need 879 people dressed as Faries with a wand, wings, and tutu.

Our goal is to get 1000 people! We can do it!

We will take a group photo at 1 pm on the Saturday of the Festival to submit for the record.

Become a "Largest Gathering of Fairies" Sponsor

We Need Your Help! 

We are looking for some fairy friends who would be able to help sponsor a wand, wings, and tutu for some fairies!

Below is a link to our Paypal donation fund for the record attempt. This is your chance to sponsor a fairy and help us reach our goal. All funds will add to bulk orders sent to the festival headquarters and distributed to festival attendees that need fairy qualifying accessories the day of the attempt. 

Thank you so much in helping us reach our goal!

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