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Fairy NEWS: Audition postponed Date to be determined.
AUDITIONS FOR THE Central Indiana Enchanted Fairy Festival-Heartland Fairies cast

CIEFF is holding open auditions for the following characters for costumed/cosplay/fantasy gender nonspecific actors.  Under 18yr must have Parent/guardian approval.

General types of Fae we are looking for but not limited to these types.
Pixie- playful loves games and full of energy
Gnome- quiet, loves all plants and likes sitting in the garden
Greenman/ Greenwoman- represents the new birth of spring, loves birds and can blend into any woods.
House Brownie- Loves people and wants to please them with tasks but can be spiteful If they feel under-appreciated.
Fairy villagers – The local fairies who have come to celebrate the fairy trail.
Auditioners will be doing cold readings from the script, but they optionally can prepare a one-minute monologue.


The festival performance runs May 21 & 22 2022 at Beasley’s Orchard at 2304 E Main St, Danville, IN.
Click the Join the cast link on the side menu to sign up today!
Please contact festival director Rebecca Holloway with any questions.
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